Fish and Veggies just like mumma

Though many would argue there is no golden rule, some say if you enjoy a certain food, your baby will too. Fish is a favorite in our household though our little one had been yet to try it. Until last night, I was inspired by the most delightful recipe by French food writer BĂ©atrice Peltre. I adjusted it slightly to make it more gentle on our little ones tummy (she is 8 months), removing the cauliflower and olive oil. I’m proud to say our sugar plum loves her fish and veggies just like her mumma! xx

90g potato peeled and diced
50g zucchini diced
50g cauliflower (optional)
50g fillet of boneless white fish
Sprinkle of thyme

Steam vegetables, fish and thyme until vegetables are soft and fish is cooked through. Blend / Puree mixture to your baby’s liking, adding some of the water used during steaming for nutrients, flavor and consistency.