Mindful In May

Mindful in May is an amazing opportunity to help raise money to build clean water wells in the developing world whilst at the same time creating mindfulness in your own life through guided meditation. An an online Meditation Challenge, not only does Mindful in May bring clean water to the developing world but it guides participants through a daily 10 minute meditation.

I never thought I’d say this, but I actually find myself looking forward to my daily 10 minute meditations. As soon as my little one is asleep for the night I take 10 minutes to meditate, and honestly it’s the best start to the evening. The emails you receive are inspiring and informative while the audio is clear, concise and easy to get your head around, even for beginners. As challenging as it is to rest a busy mind, the rewards are boundless.

The best part is, the initiative has been extended to the Half May Challenge beginning May 14th, so there’s still a chance to get involved. I can promise you the rewards will far out weigh the effort xx