As one

For anyone who just finished watching the three part SBS Series, Go Back to Where You Came From, I’m guessing you may have been as moved as I was by the plight of the refugees desperately seeking asylum in Australia. Their circumstances were all no less then devastating, but as a mother the sight of a Somali mother with a 12 month old baby so malnourished it appeared the same size as a new born Australian baby was insurmountably heart breaking.

Sitting on our couch, all the way across the world it seemed the very least we could do was donate. Only $35 has the power to save one child from starvation. To donate or to find out more, head over to SAACID x x

This afternoon, nothing seemed more fitting than the message on their website.

Though we may never meet, we are as one

Though you may never see our suffering and our tears, we are as one

Though you may never feel our appreciation, laughter and joy, we are as one


Somali Refugees head toward a food distribution centre at sunset
Pic Via Klaus Reisinger for Compass