T2 For little ones too

Pics By Mummyknows

If you haven’t done so lately, there are so many reasons to visit T2. Firstly, for their incredible tea selections. Whether you need a good night’s sleep or a metabolism boost, they have you covered. Secondly, for their entire collection of tea wear. My personal fave, the Moroccan Inspired Tea Ware Range, nothing short of pure magic. But above all, for their  irresistible kids range. The most delectable flavours in the most divine colourful designs and of course, all caffeine free. My little one’s tea of choice was Kirra’s Beautiful Brew, a blend of apple, rosehip, cocoa and vanilla beans (or perhaps it was just the pretty pink packaging she liked). To say we went a little crazy in there would be an understatement. Best of all, the staff were amazing and made the whole experience such a pleasure. Let’s just say they’re as good with kids as they are with tea xx

T2 Casbah Tea Wear Collection. Pic Via T2