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Interview with Inspirational Mother Rebecca Judd


Mother, model, speech pathologist, TV host on Postcards, weather presenter and now blogger, is there anything this model mum can’t do? Super organised and seemingly breezing her way through motherhood, Bec Judd shares with us everything from spending time with her son Oscar to exercise and beauty tips, style advice and of course, her favorite go to healthy recipe xx


So often I see you with your little son Oscar in tow, how do you balance your career with being a hands on mum? I’m guessing you’re super organised?

Organisation is key! I have great family support and an awesome baby sitter I regularly use. I make sure I spend most of my day with Oscar before heading in to work in the afternoon.

What are your favorite things to do together with Oscar?

Your every day routines. We’ll get up and go and get a coffee together in the morning (babycino for him) and then sit in the park and drink it together. We’ll play on the swings, head to the Prahran market together. We love the Collingwood Children’s Farm or visiting the Prahran pool or the beach in the summer.


Oscar is always dressed like such a fly little guy, what are some of your favorite kids brands?

Kiniki kidsmintiBondsSeedA little pocket

With time being of an essence these days, have you developed a 5 minute beauty routine for busy mornings? Any must-have skincare products?

Concealer, mascara and bronzer! Must have skin products- Musq facial scrub, I’m obsessed!

You always have an amazing sense of style, dressed up or even working out! what are some of your favorite brands to work out in?

I love Lululemon tights and Bonds loose singlets


I’m sure you get asked this all the time and sure there’s good genes in the mix, but how did you get your body back after giving birth? Any diet or exercise tips to share?

I’ve never dieted but I kept quite fit while pregnant with Oscar. Lots of Pilates and pregnancy specific exercise classes (Great Expectations at Be Active) also helped. I also used the SRC pregnancy recovery shorts straight after giving birth and found I was back in my old jeans within days. I think good genes has a lot to do with it too though and my natural slight frame.

Looking back on the early days with Oscar, what do you know now that you wish you knew then?

That the stressful, exhausting newborn stage doesn’t last forever and even though you feel like crap, try and enjoy it!


You’ve recently added blogging into the mix, how did it come about AND how do you find the time???

The blog came about because I just wanted to share all of the great things I’ve been lucky enough to discover in my travels, through work and my general life experiences. I always found people would come to me asking for advice on things so I thought I should just put it all in a blog. Whether that be about pregnancy, interiors, beauty or fashion, I find the blog is a great outlet to reach out and engage with a wider audience.

Lastly could you include a healthy go to recipe that you love?

Healthy, High-fibre Quinoa Breakfast


The main ingredient is super-grain, Quinoa (cook this first about 1/2 cup per person), LSA (ground linseed, almonds and sunflower seeds, 2 Tbspns), Chia seeds (1 Tbspn black or white), Yoghurt (1/2 cup), roasted slivered almonds (2 Tbspns), fresh fruit (whatever you fancy) and a good squeeze of honey on top.

Top Makeup Artist Blanka Dudas

Whether escaping to sunnier shores or surviving the throws of winter, it’s that time of year again where skin needs that extra bit of love and attention. I figured who better than international makeup artist, mother of one and good friend Blanka Dudas to share some insider beauty tips. With fifteen years industry experience, a host of celebrity clients that include Jess Hart, Rebecca Judd, Megan Gale, Alexa Chung, Jerry Hall, Rose Byrne and Jen Hawkins (just to name a few), it’s no wonder her newly launched Makeup Workshop website is experiencing sell out classes.

Below she shares with us how it all began, her make up philosophy and the ultimate tips for achieving healthy luminous skin all year round. Whether up in the air, beach side or playing mum, Blanka reveals how to do it all with a radiant glow. . .

How would you describe your approach to make up

I believe that when one looks at a face, one should notice the face, not the makeup. Makeup should be there to enhance the face, not to cover it up. It should not attempt to cover and conceal and change a woman’s beauty. It should bring out it’s best features and make the most of it. It should be about harmony with life and nature.

How did you get started as a make up artist?

I studied for two years at London College of Fashion then worked on film for a few years, mostly period movies. I got my first jobs through teachers at the college – many of them were amazing Oscar winners. I made a transition into fashion and advertising world and have been doing this for 12 or 13 years, in London, New York and Australia. I love both sides of the industry, but fashion is definitely more flexible with a baby, although I have an advantage now of being well established and that definitely helps.

When traveling what’s the best way to keep skin hydrated on the plane?

It is important to hydrate from within, so drink lots of water and avoid coffee and alcohol. Use a good moisturiser – I just love MV skincare rose soothing and protective moisturiser. I also always take MV rose face sprayon board – it is great for hydrating that little bit further, and is very refreshing!

Revealing winter white skin on tanned shores can be daunting, would you recommend a self tanner?

I actually like a bit of pale skin as much as I like a nice tan, so I would probably just take it easy for the first few days in the sun. If using a self tanner, don’t go too dark, just use a shade that is a little darker than your own skin.

How do we achieve a healthy summer glow without heavy make up?

With a little bit of bronzer. Make sure it is cream and not powder and with no sparkle! RMS beauty in spark is perfect! Be careful not to use too much – you want to look healthy and glowy, not orange! apply it in the areas that would naturally get a little sun kissed – forehead, cheekbones, nose and chin.

What are your pool side summer essentials?

A wide brimmed hat and a natural sunscreen (kora, weleda or soleo are my favourite)

For those with unruly curls, what’s the best beach side solution?

Something moisturising and natural, Kevin Murphy is your best friend here!

Best after sun skin care products?

I love MV skincare aromatic body oil - it hydrates well, it smells divine, it feels like silk, and it’s so good for your skin.

Best make up tips for a summer glimmer on balmy nights?

RMS luminizeris all you need. It is one of my favourite products in the world! Apply a little in a sideways v on the inner corner of the eye, blend a little on top of cheekbones and a bit just under the eyebrow… Very easy, quick and effective! Never use powder luminizer, especially not for a summer look; it always looks like makeup and it’s too shimmery. The idea is that it looks like your skin is glowing, not like you are wearing makeup.

Best beauty advice for time poor mumma’s?

As much sleep as you can get, good nutrition, and a good eye cream (haha). I really like Cosmedix opti crystal eye serum, I think it really works. Makeup wise, definitely the RMS luminizer. It’s the best trick in the book.

Favorite Recipe to kick start the day. . .

One thing I cannot do without is my breakfast. I love to start my day with a cup of warm water with a squeeze of lemon, then have my oatmeal. 

Blanka’s Quick and Easy Oats

Handful of rolled oats
1 banana
For the Summer Version
mango, paw paw or berries
sprinkle of coconut sugar
For the Winter Version
Whisk and Pin Dried Fruit
dash of creme

Put a handful of oats and a chopped banana in a pan, add water to cover and bring to boil, then stir for a minute or so until the oats have softened and the mixture is creamy and not too watery.
Summer Version
Add some nuts and some fresh fruit – I love mango, paw paw, or berries – and sprinkle with a bit of coconut sugar.
Winter version
Add some warm compote (I love Whisk and Pin dried fruit that you just need to boil into compote) and some cream… Yummy!

Pics Via / /Grazia

Ellen from Love Luck and Wonder

“Step into our secret garden and kick the moon through the Milky Way to a place where you can believe in the unbelievable.”

Some mums just have that elusive cool, you can’t quite pin point it, but you know they’ve got it. Mother of two and a half year old Scarlet, Ellen Barr is one of those mums. When she found herself at a loss for animal prints cool enough for her little girl, she decided to design them herself. Determination and hard work coupled with trawling the internet and emailing back and forth gave life to her brand of Pre Walkers, Love Luck and Wonder.

Tiny baby shoes were the perfect canvas for Ellen’s love of animal prints and her self confessed obsession with shoes. A collection of Pre Walkers in animal printed leathers and hides, ranging from soft pinks and neutrals to neon pops of raspberry and lime chic enough for the most style minded mums. Applying the same motherly love and devotion to her designs, complete with divine packaging and a whimsical philosophy that “believes in Unicorns, and fairies, magic carpets and one legged dragons”, what’s not to love? Below Ellen shares with us how she manages to pull it all off, what inspires her along the way and of course her favorite recipe xx

Plus thanks to Ellen from Love Luck and Wonder we have an amazing
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Where do you find inspiration?

From animals of course. But definitely from interesting prints I see and reading story books with Scarlett. Our beloved Bondi, and all the fun times we have had there, people watching and seeing the way people put different looks together.

What’s the story behind the name?

Love Luck and Wonder encapsulates the mystery that is birth, babies and motherhood.

What’s next for the brand?

By the end of this year we will be up and walking for the early walker collection of mini me hi top trainers. Too cute not to come back to Love Luck & Wonder when little ones outgrow their pre-walkers.

How do you balance your time between motherhood and work?

Scarlett goes to day care 3 days per week, I have a fierce to do list on those days. Then when I am with her it is her time. I check emails and prepare orders when she is in bed for the night. The same way I worked when setting the business up; always at night or when she was asleep. I am organized and know that she needs my attention when she is not at day care.

What’s your favorite time of the day with Scarlet?

After bath time when she is all clean and nesty in fun animal print pyjamas. We chat about the day, what’s on the for the next day, and we read books. She speaks so much now, which is a lot of fun. Its like, ‘finally you’re here with me!’

Where do you find the best clothes for Scarlet?

I have an amazing friend in Sydney who gives me all her beautiful daughters clothes, so I don’t shop much. But I favor Munster wherever I can find it, KIDO store for Chipies shoes and Country Road for cute pants

What keeps you sane and inspired?

Scarlett. The little ray of light in my life. Like any mum, I am so grateful for her in my life. I stay sane by doing a lot of exercise, literally running away any built up angst from a long, trying day! And, I also meditate on a cute little stool and think of the ocean. . . Or, there is always wine!

 What’s the best advice you’ve been given since becoming a mum?

As my mum says ‘enjoy the journey’. I like this as it makes me stop and think when I’m not having a great moment that this is all part of the journey that I am very lucky to be on.

What advice would you give new mums going back to work or starting their own business?

I would say prioritize your time, they are only this little once and emails can wait!

Ellen’s Go to Recipe

Free-range Chicken with Fennel, Lemon, Thyme and Garlic
Adapted from Where The Heart Is by Karen Martini

Serves 4

8 medium potatoes, unpeeled
1 medium free-range chicken
100g unsalted butter, chopped
8 sprigs thyme, crushed
2 bulbs fennel, with tops
200ml olive oil
1 lemon
sea salt and freshly cracked black pepper
3 bulbs garlic


Preheat oven to 180C fan-forced (or 200C conventional). Cook potatoes in lightly salted boiling water over medium heat for about 15 minutes or until tender. Drain.

Trim chicken of excess fat and remove wing tips. Gently separate skin from breast to form pockets and place butter and half the thyme under the skin with some of the fennel tops. Rub chicken with half the olive oil and squeeze the juice of half the lemon over chicken. Season well with salt and pepper and place squeezed lemon half in cavity. Separate the cloves from 1 bulb of garlic. Leaving them unpeeled, bruise them with the back of a knife and place in cavity of chicken with remaining fennel tops.

Cut fennel into thick slices and place in a lightly greased baking tray. Place chicken on top of fennel. Scatter remaining unpeeled garlic cloves around chicken. Slice remaining lemon half and place around chicken, then sprinkle with remaining thyme. Pour 100ml water around chicken and roast for 1 hour and 15-20 minutes or until cooked.

Using a potato masher, squash potatoes into 2-centimetre-thick discs. Halfway through cooking chicken, place potatoes around chicken or use a separate dish. Drizzle with remaining olive oil, season with salt and pepper and cook until crisp.

Remove and rest chicken for 5-10 minutes. Serve chicken with fennel, potatoes and garlic and drizzle with pan juices.

Serve With a glass of…
Meursault Les Narvaux Domaine Michelot 2001Q