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T2 For little ones too

Pics By Mummyknows

If you haven’t done so lately, there are so many reasons to visit T2. Firstly, for their incredible tea selections. Whether you need a good night’s sleep or a metabolism boost, they have you covered. Secondly, for their entire collection of tea wear. My personal fave, the Moroccan Inspired Tea Ware Range, nothing short of pure magic. But above all, for their  irresistible kids range. The most delectable flavours in the most divine colourful designs and of course, all caffeine free. My little one’s tea of choice was Kirra’s Beautiful Brew, a blend of apple, rosehip, cocoa and vanilla beans (or perhaps it was just the pretty pink packaging she liked). To say we went a little crazy in there would be an understatement. Best of all, the staff were amazing and made the whole experience such a pleasure. Let’s just say they’re as good with kids as they are with tea xx

T2 Casbah Tea Wear Collection. Pic Via T2 

Tassel Garland Giveaway! x x


One of my favorite ways to add sparkle and grace to kids rooms, or any room for that matter is by hanging these divine decorative tassel garlands. Lucky for us the very kind and creative crew at Studio Mucci are giving away one of their stunning sorbet coloured tassel garlands to one lucky subscriber. So if you haven’t subscribed already, all you have to do is subscribe to Mummyknows by Sunday night and the prize may just be yours! xx

Pics Via Architectural Digest / Studio Mucci

Beaba – A new wave in baby cooking

The Beaba Babycook was my saving grace when I first started cooking for our little one. A compact all in one that both steams and purees, it turned preparing baby meals into a breeze. Even though our little one has outgrown the world of pureeing, this amazing all in one still works wonders in the kitchen. Sleek and modern by design, this innovative French brand offers an entire array of cutting edge products, from dinnerware, to portion trays and cook books.

It was whilst trawling the streets of LA that we discovered the Beaba range at the baby boutique and celebrity haunt Bel Bambini. And it seems we’re not the only ones stocking up on Beaba baby gear. Check out a very pregnant Kourtney Kardashian (pictured above) loading the Beaba Baby Cook into the boot of her car. To view the entire range of products check out the Beaba Website or to purchase head right this way xx




Pic Via Google Images / Beaba / Celebritygossipnet

Ellen from Love Luck and Wonder

“Step into our secret garden and kick the moon through the Milky Way to a place where you can believe in the unbelievable.”

Some mums just have that elusive cool, you can’t quite pin point it, but you know they’ve got it. Mother of two and a half year old Scarlet, Ellen Barr is one of those mums. When she found herself at a loss for animal prints cool enough for her little girl, she decided to design them herself. Determination and hard work coupled with trawling the internet and emailing back and forth gave life to her brand of Pre Walkers, Love Luck and Wonder.

Tiny baby shoes were the perfect canvas for Ellen’s love of animal prints and her self confessed obsession with shoes. A collection of Pre Walkers in animal printed leathers and hides, ranging from soft pinks and neutrals to neon pops of raspberry and lime chic enough for the most style minded mums. Applying the same motherly love and devotion to her designs, complete with divine packaging and a whimsical philosophy that “believes in Unicorns, and fairies, magic carpets and one legged dragons”, what’s not to love? Below Ellen shares with us how she manages to pull it all off, what inspires her along the way and of course her favorite recipe xx

Plus thanks to Ellen from Love Luck and Wonder we have an amazing
Two Pairs of Pre Walkers for babies aged 6-12 months and 2 Pairs for Newborns.
For your chance to win a pair simply Subscribe to Mummy Knows, send in your favorite recipe and like Mummy Knows on Facebook xx

Where do you find inspiration?

From animals of course. But definitely from interesting prints I see and reading story books with Scarlett. Our beloved Bondi, and all the fun times we have had there, people watching and seeing the way people put different looks together.

What’s the story behind the name?

Love Luck and Wonder encapsulates the mystery that is birth, babies and motherhood.

What’s next for the brand?

By the end of this year we will be up and walking for the early walker collection of mini me hi top trainers. Too cute not to come back to Love Luck & Wonder when little ones outgrow their pre-walkers.

How do you balance your time between motherhood and work?

Scarlett goes to day care 3 days per week, I have a fierce to do list on those days. Then when I am with her it is her time. I check emails and prepare orders when she is in bed for the night. The same way I worked when setting the business up; always at night or when she was asleep. I am organized and know that she needs my attention when she is not at day care.

What’s your favorite time of the day with Scarlet?

After bath time when she is all clean and nesty in fun animal print pyjamas. We chat about the day, what’s on the for the next day, and we read books. She speaks so much now, which is a lot of fun. Its like, ‘finally you’re here with me!’

Where do you find the best clothes for Scarlet?

I have an amazing friend in Sydney who gives me all her beautiful daughters clothes, so I don’t shop much. But I favor Munster wherever I can find it, KIDO store for Chipies shoes and Country Road for cute pants

What keeps you sane and inspired?

Scarlett. The little ray of light in my life. Like any mum, I am so grateful for her in my life. I stay sane by doing a lot of exercise, literally running away any built up angst from a long, trying day! And, I also meditate on a cute little stool and think of the ocean. . . Or, there is always wine!

 What’s the best advice you’ve been given since becoming a mum?

As my mum says ‘enjoy the journey’. I like this as it makes me stop and think when I’m not having a great moment that this is all part of the journey that I am very lucky to be on.

What advice would you give new mums going back to work or starting their own business?

I would say prioritize your time, they are only this little once and emails can wait!

Ellen’s Go to Recipe

Free-range Chicken with Fennel, Lemon, Thyme and Garlic
Adapted from Where The Heart Is by Karen Martini

Serves 4

8 medium potatoes, unpeeled
1 medium free-range chicken
100g unsalted butter, chopped
8 sprigs thyme, crushed
2 bulbs fennel, with tops
200ml olive oil
1 lemon
sea salt and freshly cracked black pepper
3 bulbs garlic


Preheat oven to 180C fan-forced (or 200C conventional). Cook potatoes in lightly salted boiling water over medium heat for about 15 minutes or until tender. Drain.

Trim chicken of excess fat and remove wing tips. Gently separate skin from breast to form pockets and place butter and half the thyme under the skin with some of the fennel tops. Rub chicken with half the olive oil and squeeze the juice of half the lemon over chicken. Season well with salt and pepper and place squeezed lemon half in cavity. Separate the cloves from 1 bulb of garlic. Leaving them unpeeled, bruise them with the back of a knife and place in cavity of chicken with remaining fennel tops.

Cut fennel into thick slices and place in a lightly greased baking tray. Place chicken on top of fennel. Scatter remaining unpeeled garlic cloves around chicken. Slice remaining lemon half and place around chicken, then sprinkle with remaining thyme. Pour 100ml water around chicken and roast for 1 hour and 15-20 minutes or until cooked.

Using a potato masher, squash potatoes into 2-centimetre-thick discs. Halfway through cooking chicken, place potatoes around chicken or use a separate dish. Drizzle with remaining olive oil, season with salt and pepper and cook until crisp.

Remove and rest chicken for 5-10 minutes. Serve chicken with fennel, potatoes and garlic and drizzle with pan juices.

Serve With a glass of…
Meursault Les Narvaux Domaine Michelot 2001Q

Wildfox Kids

LA brand Wildfox has long had a cult like following. Just one look at the latest Coachella pics and the evidence is clear. But it’s their latest collection for little girls that takes laid back California cool to a whole new level. Super cute styles aimed at ages 4 to 14 capturing the mystical and magical world of being a little kid. Check these images out and to buy Wildfox Kids head right this way xx

Shot by Kimberly Gordon / Pics Via Wildfox