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Royal Inspiration

Oh my gosh! Does she look incredible or what? Team of make up artists, hair and stylist aside, she’s standing there in a demi-heel just a day after giving birth, that’s quite a feat in itself! She looks absolutely incredible to me, and so brave just a day later. . . Now there’s some inspiration to at least muster up the strength to attempt a blow dry post labour! Love that she’s wearing a polka dot dress just like the one Dianna wore when she emerged from hospital. Kate looks utterly beautiful in my eyes! xx

Pics Via Fameflynet / google


For all the pregnant girls out there, is this the quintessential pregnancy get up for a night on the town or what? Gisele in all black perfection. Black blazer, black body con dress, bold accessories and some glammed up jewels x x

Pics Via Splash / Models Candid

CR Fashion Book

Well before all the bloggers, street style photographers and online fashion commentators made their mark, one woman was shaping the direction of fashion. And it appears she still is. Ever since Carine Roitfeld’s departure from Paris Vogue, the fashion world has anxiously awaited her next move. It’s no wonder  the launch of her online magazine CR Fashion Book, has been so highly anticipated. Aptly named Rebirth, the inspiration behind the first edition is best described by Carine herself. . .

“When I learned that my daughter, Julia, was expecting, I immediately began seeing babies and new mothers on planes, at fashion shows, in New York and in Paris. Birth and rebirth all around. I became obsessed. At the same time, I was thinking and dreaming about the first issue of this magazine, which you are reading now. This issue takes rebirth as its theme and is filled with both images and ideas about birth, pregnancy, and family. The promise of youth, the force of age, and the rush of all things new. It’s an escape, a fashion fairy tale. It’s a dream of a better life—because fashion is meant to make us dream.” – Carine

A sentiment that echos both the wonder of her magazine and Carine’s ability to always remain so relevant. CR Fashion Book is a visual fantasy for both fashion lovers and Carine followers alike, an intimate insight into Carine’s world, from the perfume she wears to the exact way she takes her coffee. . .

All images via CR Fashion Book