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CR Fashion Book

Well before all the bloggers, street style photographers and online fashion commentators made their mark, one woman was shaping the direction of fashion. And it appears she still is. Ever since Carine Roitfeld’s departure from Paris Vogue, the fashion world has anxiously awaited her next move. It’s no wonder  the launch of her online magazine CR Fashion Book, has been so highly anticipated. Aptly named Rebirth, the inspiration behind the first edition is best described by Carine herself. . .

“When I learned that my daughter, Julia, was expecting, I immediately began seeing babies and new mothers on planes, at fashion shows, in New York and in Paris. Birth and rebirth all around. I became obsessed. At the same time, I was thinking and dreaming about the first issue of this magazine, which you are reading now. This issue takes rebirth as its theme and is filled with both images and ideas about birth, pregnancy, and family. The promise of youth, the force of age, and the rush of all things new. It’s an escape, a fashion fairy tale. It’s a dream of a better life—because fashion is meant to make us dream.” – Carine

A sentiment that echos both the wonder of her magazine and Carine’s ability to always remain so relevant. CR Fashion Book is a visual fantasy for both fashion lovers and Carine followers alike, an intimate insight into Carine’s world, from the perfume she wears to the exact way she takes her coffee. . .

All images via CR Fashion Book

Julia Restoin Roitfeld for ID Magazine

If you were to put together the dream team for a pregnancy shoot this would be it. Legendary stylist and ex Vogue Paris Editor, Carine Roitfeld styling her pregnant daughter Julia Restoin Roitfeld, shot by Mario Sorrenti for the May 2012 Issue of ID Magazine. More than just jaw-droppingly beautiful images, this model / Art Director / Graphic Designer had some pretty poignant words to speak too . . .

“Pregnancy’s a moment in a woman’s life when it’s really important to still feel seductive. I loved that my mum dressed me sexy like that.”

“I still dress how I used to dress and sometimes people look at me weird on the street, as if because I’m pregnant I stop being a woman. That’s really something I want to make a point of: that I’m going to be a mother but I’m still a woman, I still want to feel good about myself and feel pretty.”

“I haven’t worked with my mum in a long time, it was such a special moment, this shoot was such a nice way to spend time with my mother.” Julia Restoin Roitfeld for ID Magazine May 2012

Pics Via ID Online

Julia Restoin Roitfeld

Julia Restoin Roitfeld continues to impress with her pregnancy style, working all black body con back with bold accessories and statement jackets. An Art director and Consultant in her own right, it’s no wonder this Parisienne It Girl has pregnancy style down pat, after all  she is the daughter of the legendary former Paris Vogue Editor, Carine Roitfeld. Featured in a brief interview here, she shares her pregnancy style tips and beauty secrets. Form a daily kale / spinach, banana, berry and coconut oil smoothie to her favorite past time, catching up on TV shows in bed with her boyfriend, she’s my type of girl. Loving her style, inside and out  xx

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