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Royal Inspiration

Oh my gosh! Does she look incredible or what? Team of make up artists, hair and stylist aside, she’s standing there in a demi-heel just a day after giving birth, that’s quite a feat in itself! She looks absolutely incredible to me, and so brave just a day later. . . Now there’s some inspiration to at least muster up the strength to attempt a blow dry post labour! Love that she’s wearing a polka dot dress just like the one Dianna wore when she emerged from hospital. Kate looks utterly beautiful in my eyes! xx

Pics Via Fameflynet / google

Interview with Inspirational Mother Rebecca Judd


Mother, model, speech pathologist, TV host on Postcards, weather presenter and now blogger, is there anything this model mum can’t do? Super organised and seemingly breezing her way through motherhood, Bec Judd shares with us everything from spending time with her son Oscar to exercise and beauty tips, style advice and of course, her favorite go to healthy recipe xx


So often I see you with your little son Oscar in tow, how do you balance your career with being a hands on mum? I’m guessing you’re super organised?

Organisation is key! I have great family support and an awesome baby sitter I regularly use. I make sure I spend most of my day with Oscar before heading in to work in the afternoon.

What are your favorite things to do together with Oscar?

Your every day routines. We’ll get up and go and get a coffee together in the morning (babycino for him) and then sit in the park and drink it together. We’ll play on the swings, head to the Prahran market together. We love the Collingwood Children’s Farm or visiting the Prahran pool or the beach in the summer.


Oscar is always dressed like such a fly little guy, what are some of your favorite kids brands?

Kiniki kidsmintiBondsSeedA little pocket

With time being of an essence these days, have you developed a 5 minute beauty routine for busy mornings? Any must-have skincare products?

Concealer, mascara and bronzer! Must have skin products- Musq facial scrub, I’m obsessed!

You always have an amazing sense of style, dressed up or even working out! what are some of your favorite brands to work out in?

I love Lululemon tights and Bonds loose singlets


I’m sure you get asked this all the time and sure there’s good genes in the mix, but how did you get your body back after giving birth? Any diet or exercise tips to share?

I’ve never dieted but I kept quite fit while pregnant with Oscar. Lots of Pilates and pregnancy specific exercise classes (Great Expectations at Be Active) also helped. I also used the SRC pregnancy recovery shorts straight after giving birth and found I was back in my old jeans within days. I think good genes has a lot to do with it too though and my natural slight frame.

Looking back on the early days with Oscar, what do you know now that you wish you knew then?

That the stressful, exhausting newborn stage doesn’t last forever and even though you feel like crap, try and enjoy it!


You’ve recently added blogging into the mix, how did it come about AND how do you find the time???

The blog came about because I just wanted to share all of the great things I’ve been lucky enough to discover in my travels, through work and my general life experiences. I always found people would come to me asking for advice on things so I thought I should just put it all in a blog. Whether that be about pregnancy, interiors, beauty or fashion, I find the blog is a great outlet to reach out and engage with a wider audience.

Lastly could you include a healthy go to recipe that you love?

Healthy, High-fibre Quinoa Breakfast


The main ingredient is super-grain, Quinoa (cook this first about 1/2 cup per person), LSA (ground linseed, almonds and sunflower seeds, 2 Tbspns), Chia seeds (1 Tbspn black or white), Yoghurt (1/2 cup), roasted slivered almonds (2 Tbspns), fresh fruit (whatever you fancy) and a good squeeze of honey on top.

The lights will inspire you

Possibly the most inspiring blog I’ve yet to see, The Glow is a rare insight into the lives of some of New York’s most talented and stylish mothers. With images you could dive right into to and get lost for hours, it’s a voyeurs dream. Incredible NY living spaces, magical interiors and visions that capture the love that coexists between mother and child. Touching interviews that tell heartfelt stories, as well as giving handy hints for juggling mothers balancing work, life and love.

 All images via THE GLOW

The possiblity of change

Call it that time of year, but something in the air makes everything seem possible. This simple quote keeps floating through my thoughts. Be the change you want to see. How empowering it is to think the possibility of positive change is in your own hands or your own mind. I came across this quote by Salman Rushdie that put it perfectly. . .

Those who do not have power over the story that dominates their lives, the power to retell it, rethink it, deconstruct it, joke about it and change it as times change, truly are powerless, because they cannot think new thoughts.
Salman Rushdie