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Stella McCartney Kids


There are certain brands out there, so incredible and so inspiring (not to mention exy) they’re best left admired from a distance. However, once they turn their attention to little ones, it’s a different story. Perhaps for practical reasons, the pint sized items justify the cheaper pricing. Or perhaps, because our little ones already have our hearts (and wallets), sometimes spoiling them is just too irresistible . . . Have I sufficiently pleaded my┬ácase for buying Stella McCartney kids? If not, the pics above and below are so divine they do the job all by themselves! xx






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Designer mini-mes

You know there’s a change in the tide when Vogue Paris dedicates an entire shopping section to little girl style. From Chloe sandals to Stella Mc Cartney’s days-of-the-week panties, Isabel Marant bikinis to Burberry Coats and Chacharel dresses, there’s barely a high end designer out there that hasn’t turned their attention to kids wear. With designer kids lines generally a whole lot more affordable then the grow up versions, one has to wonder if armies of designer mini-mes could be just around the corner?

All Pics via Vogue Paris

For brands such as Burberry, Cacharel, Chloe, Dior, Kenzo, Little Marc Jacobs, Paul Smith, Petit Bateau, Missoni, Ralph Lauren and a vast array of other designer kids lines, head to Alex and Alexa